The Vanishing of Nagato Yuki-chan: ch. 64

The Vanishing of Nagato Yuki-chan: ch. 64

Nov 11


Scanlation Team: YukiBrigade

Translation: Calculuswhiz

Cleaning: Calculuswhiz

Typesetting: Calculuswhiz

Publication: The Vanishing of Nagato Yuki-chan Volume 9 [Kadokawa Comics A]

Nagato has recovered and is taking lessons from Asakura-san.

Welcome back! Man, I really missed this manga.




  1. Jason Lu

    Thank you is all I can say.

  2. grahf616

    Welcome back once again. Glad to see you here and, as always, thank you for the hard work.

  3. Calculuswhiz

    Thanks, guys. I try 🙂

  4. Carol

    Thank you so much! I really missed this!
    It’s very nice to see your hard work again! 😀

  5. AlasV

    Finallly! Thank you very much!!!

  6. Frank

    Thank You!!!
    I love you, Calculuswhiz (In a not creepy way)

  7. Derdev

    I really don’t know if this is the manga’s own narrative fault, but, may I ask just exactly what Haruhi was saying? She was saying romantic feelings were missing from her, when you compared it to Yuki? I couldn’t quite get a clear read on her dialogue.

    Either way, terrific work, ask usual. Its why we always keep coming back here!

    • Calculuswhiz

      Oops, I think more accurately it could be perhaps, “I see it when I’m looking at Yuki.” For some reason it made sense in my head as it was. (Japanese pronoun drops are annoying sometimes.)
      I think she’s really saying that Yuki has that “something” for/with Kyon that Haruhi doesn’t have. At least, that’s what I was trying to get across. I hope this helps.

      • Derdev

        Ah, perfect. That’s what I got from the panels and general idea anyways. Ty for always clarifying, its very helpful!

  8. Victor

    Thank you, man 😀

  9. someone

    NOICE. Thank you!

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