Bye for now!

Bye for now!

Feb 23

Our last post was made 4 years ago, when Cal released the last chapter of Yuki-chan. Mission acomplished! Thanks a lot to Cal for such a hard work (you are the best!) and thanks to everyone for being here. Unless anyone of us suddenly has a change of heart, this site is pretty much dead. The site should be hosted for quite some extra time, so feel free to browse around. I just updated several plugins and the software on the server, I hope nothing it’s broken. Some links may be dead, but don’t expect them to be fixed. Sorry about that. The manga reader was deleted due to a copyright claim several months ago. Guess that’s all for now. If you ever need to contact us, feel free to use the contact form. It may take some time for me to reply, but I’ll do my best. Thanks again to everyone, and bye for now!

YukiBrigade….. disbanded!


  1. Calculuswhiz

    Oh, wow! Thanks for keeping this running. This is a nice surprise. I feel like I’m obligated to write something now too…

  2. Bruh

    Man i really missing out the fun even the brigade is dead Nagato fans will always live

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