The crowdfunding of Suzumiya Haruhi, rejected

The crowdfunding of Suzumiya Haruhi, rejected

Dec 05
crowdfunding rejected!!


Anime Project, the Spanish company who was trying to attract fundings with a crowdfunding model to license the first season of Suzumiya Haruhi on Blu-ray, had to face a negative of Kadokawa. The reason? The people of Kadokawa is still in the 20th century and don’t like their precious series being licensed that way. And just like that, negociations were broken. A pity. Anime Project is going to try with their second option, Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagan. One of the comments on their facebook page says bitterly: “Making deals with those Japanese guys should be an Olympic event.”

Source: Anime Project @ facebook


  1. Shrike

    That’s just ridiculous. Why should they care where the money comes from especially if it isn’t illegal? This project should’ve occurred. I’m a little disgusted with Kadokawa for pulling something like this.

  2. newvelaric

    Not surprisingly. Higher echelon of big Japanese company are frightfully stupid (they call it conservative). The reason is this: they have a readily amount of scapegoats. In Japan, when a higher up messes up, a lower ranking colleague will always take the blame. I have witnessed it.

    That is why big companies there are always playing catch up with newer and more innovative companies. In older times, the bigger company can use their money and connection to crush their younger and more dynamic rival. But with the advent of the Internet and the opportunities of financing that it represents. Things are not as easy. So the higher ups become even more conservative, no one wants to make the first move just in case they might mess up…

  3. Thulda Doom

    I’d be interested to hear Kadokawa explain why they decided against this. I don’t get it. I assume Anime Project will be reponsible for the expenses involved in production and distribution of their license, considering the crowdfunding indicated clear interest this would seem like a guaranteed profit, right? Kadokawa doesn’t really have much to lose do they? For shame Kadokawa, it’s sad you’d overlook fans and Haruhi like this.

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