Nagato Yuki in Mugen

Nagato Yuki in Mugen

Nov 18


  1. Jason Lu

    Haha thanks this made my day! XD pls let me know how the haruhi wallpaper zip is?

  2. Derdev

    Hahahaha. Oh my God, this is great. She’d be quite a strong fighter too, with her near-omnipotent data-warping powers.

  3. ShrikeRisen

    LOL. Too bad. I had already favorited this video a long time ago. Looks like I one-uped you guys this time. :3

    • Kyonko

      Well, if you find anything relevant to Yuki of the Haruhi franchise, feel free to submit it to be published here. Use the contact form if you want to contact me.

      • ShrikeRisen

        Sure thing, but this will probably be the only time this happens. 😛
        I’ll see what I can do, though.

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