The Vanishing of Nagato Yuki-chan: chs. 63 and Bonus Chapter (63.5)

The Vanishing of Nagato Yuki-chan: chs. 63 and Bonus Chapter (63.5)

Aug 03


Chapter 63


O-make (63.5)


Scanlation Team: YukiBrigade

Translation: Calculuswhiz

Cleaning: Praetors and Calculuswhiz (63); Calculuswhiz (63.5)

Typesetting: Calculuswhiz

Publication: The Vanishing of Nagato Yuki-chan Volume 8 [Kadokawa Comics A]

Nagato is sick… Her friends come over to take care of her.

Anyway, folks, Volume 9 comes out in October, so of course, no new chapters until at least then (provided I can find scans). As always, thanks for reading and keeping your interest in the series. I may still post things, but… we’ll see. I need to prepare for the next stage of my life, though. Like I said before, I will be shipped off to training in a couple weeks, and I’ve been putting off some work I need to do.




  1. Anon

    Thank you, mate! Will be waiting for new chapter.


  2. Derdev

    I gotta be honest, I have no clue what’s going on in that last scene of the flashback. What is happening? Did they bump heads on accident? That thing made little sense to me.

    But, oh well. I like that they brought back the line from original Nagato, and I also like the fact that everything around Kyon’s present is still unrevealed, so we can certainly expect to see more of this scene again, which is a good thing, it’s still abit undone to just throw it aside.

    That aside, super-cute as always. Asakura-san is such a card.

    And its been fun. The constant updates were really out of this world, man. Great ride. Its a shame it has to stop, but it is what it is. I definitely hope we’ll be able to see your work in Volume 9. Your zeal in completing this is made of steel, and I thank you for that, really, I do.

    Hope to see you in october!

    • Calculuswhiz

      Oh, right. When you just meet somebody for the first time, or I guess when you start dating, there’s a set phrase in Japanese, 「よろしくお願いします」(yoroshiku o-negai shimasu). One translation I’ve seen is “Please take care of me.” (Dictionary gives these definitions: “Please remember me, please help me, please treat me well, I look forward to working with you.”) When you say it, you give a little bow. Unfortunately, Kyon has bad depth perception or something, and they hit their heads together. Bonk!

      Yeah, I also thought it was weird that they never told us what the present was… I hope they tell us next time.

      It’s been a lot of fun, and thanks. If I didn’t enjoy working on it, the updates would come a lot slower. The last series I worked (Maki Hakoda’s Fire Emblem) on pretty much got stuck in limbo because of that. It took me four years to finish nine and a half volumes (~1900 pages), and the ending was just terrible. I’m also not that into Fire Emblem anymore because of it. (Though I’ll still play Marth/Roy on Smash Bros.) I guess the plus side is that I know Japanese reasonably well now.

      But really, I’m impressed with how this series turned into what it is now. The art style has improved massively, the writing has gotten way better, and I love all of the characters, even the minor ones (if for no other reason than they’re all just so darn cute). I also like that all the events have helped to build the story and characters. There’s also just some je ne sais quoi about this series for me. I think it has something to do with me not liking Fire Emblem. Perhaps working on this was therapeutic for me? I guess I’ll think about it some more, and maybe I’ll find an answer.

      • Derdev

        Oh. Is that so? Yeah, I’ve heard that sentence around, and I do remember it meaning something like “Please take good care of me”. That makes alot more sense now, thank you.

        Its great that you seem to have found some peace of mind in doing this. I can only hope that horrible past experience fades into memory more quickly now that you’re doing this manga.

      • Calculuswhiz

        Thanks. You gave me an idea. I’m writing a review of Fire Emblem from a translator’s perspective to finally give myself some closure. I really need to put this behind me, and I thought this would be a good way to do it.

  3. LoliX

    Thanks for the new chapters 🙂

  4. Dude

    Thank you so much, Cal!
    You really made me a much happier person, just like Asakura-san shown on the last page. I was so glad not only to climb over the cliffhanger (with your help!), but also to see relationship of Nagato and Kyon to grow (after everything that happened!).
    Wishing you luck with everything you’re doing and going to do.
    See you in October.

    • Calculuswhiz

      Aw, thanks! It’s been such a privilege to be able to work on this manga. I also waited a long time for an update, but alas, two years rolled by and nothing. So I swiped some raws off some Japanese site, contacted “Kyonko,” and decided to start this up again. Sometimes, you just have to do things yourself, you know? (After a lot of thought, of course.) I guess I just really wanted other people to enjoy it. I’m also fairly gifted at Japanese, at least I was in my two years in the classroom, so it’d be a shame to waste that, right?

  5. Rex

    thank you for catching up! Hopefully I’ll see you again in October

    • Calculuswhiz

      I hope so too! Thanks for reading!

  6. Alas

    Thank you. Good luck. See you in october.

  7. Victor

    Thank you for working so hard in these past months, Calculus, hope to see more of your work in October 🙂

  8. Anonymous

    Thanks for all the hard work. Don’t die ;_;

  9. grahf616

    My god, this series has done what no other in the franchise has, actually moved a relationship forward. I’m legitimately shocked. I mean the last few chapters made it obvious, but still.

    That’s a genuine first.

    • Calculuswhiz

      Yeah, I’m really happy how this turned out. I think it was well-written too. And the best part is, they’re still writing for the series, which beats out most of the RomComs I’ve seen in my book.

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