GIMP Gadget: Batch Level tool

GIMP Gadget: Batch Level tool

Aug 08

Hello, everyone.

I developed a GIMP script that I used extensively throughout this project during the cleaning phase, and I thought I’d share it here in case anybody else wanted to use it or adapt it (currently, it’s Linux command-line only). It applies the levels across all the image files in a directory. (Levels is commonly used by manga cleaners to adjust light-grays into white and dark-grays into black for a cleaner, better looking picture.) I made it because I didn’t want to waste time opening up each image in the GUI and applying the same thing with the same settings to every picture. It can also flatten XCFs into JPGs. With over 150 images per volume, that adds up to quite a lot, especially considering I always make XCFs for typesetting and cleaning before converting them to JPGs.

Get the source code and more details here. (GitHub repository)

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