The vanishing of Nagato Yuki-chan: ch.32

The vanishing of Nagato Yuki-chan: ch.32

Jun 04

Scanlation Team: YukiBrigade.

Cleaning: Yuki.SC

Typesetting: Stephen_Colbert23

Translation: Sekitori

Magazine: Young Ace 2012#04

Oh, Yuki!!! You are SO MOE!!!


  1. nyoron

    Thanks for your hard work!

    I’m really not feeling this split personality/amnesia storyline, hope it gets resolved soon.

  2. hyper


  3. Grahf

    Most excellent. Thank you for this upload.


    Nyoron, I happen to know that this arc is ending soon, because I’ve looked at the RAWS for the next couple of chapters. Of course I don’t know the details because I don’t know Japanese, but there was enough there that it seems obvious that this will wrap up soon.

  4. LoliX

    Thanks for the release Guys, and keep up the good work 😀

  5. Xian

    Thanks for your work!

    It seems that this arc is finally comming to an end. It’s not that I didn’t liked it, but I want the classic romance and comedy back.

  6. purringcamel

    Thank you for uplaoding this!!! 😀 Im glad to hear that the arc will end soon. Then Yuki will be back to normal <3

  7. martinez

    Another kind of Nagato is fine, too 😀

  8. nukedude7

    Wow.. Finally! T_T thanks guys…

    I think this arc is kinda interesting, a good twist.. To be trapped in “someone” else memories.. Kinda heartwarming..

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