The vanishing of Nagato Yuki-chan: ch.35

The vanishing of Nagato Yuki-chan: ch.35

Aug 17

Scanlation Team: YukiBrigade.

Translation: Sekitori

Cleaning: Yuki.SC

Typesetting: Aruigus808

Magazine: Young Ace 2012#07

We are still looking for raws for the manga series “The Intrigue of Itsuki Koizumi”, serialized in the magazine Altima A. If you can help us, please contact us!

Guess what?? Today is our first anniversary!! yai for us!


  1. soon_ho

    Thank you and happy anniversary! ^^

  2. Grahf

    Happy Anniversary and thank you for this latest chapter.

    This was a good chapter, I liked the developments with Kyon and getting to see some of what Haruhi thought of back then as well.

  3. martinez

    Congratz guys! Thanks for delivering this awesome titles unto us till this day 😀

  4. Xian

    Wow, the releases are going fast this days ! =D
    Thank you and happy anniversary o/

    It’s a bit weird how Puyo included Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody, considering how it is in the original story, and the love triangle between Kyon, Yuki and Haruhi is more and more obvious.
    Even if I wasn’t fond of the last arc, it takes some time to get used again to the less dramatic atmosphere.

  5. warun

    Thanks for all your work, and congratulations on the anniversary!

  6. lolix

    Thanks for the new chapter 😀

  7. lolix

    …oh and happy anniversary 🙂

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