Moe Day: Nagato Yuki voted 18th place

Moe Day: Nagato Yuki voted 18th place

Oct 15
Moe Day - Nagato Yuki

“It’s fine as long as I’m your #1!!”

Apparently October 10th was declared as the Moe Day cause the kanjis for October 10 (十日十月) look like the kanji for Moe (萌). Biglobe selected that date to close out a poll to select the cutest character, and Nagato Yuki got the 18th place, Suzumiya Haruhi was 23th, and Kyon’s sister was 40th. As incredible as it may be, the über-moe Asahina Mikuru was ignored!! There’s no justice in this word.

Sources: crunchyroll, biglobe


  1. Grahf

    I think that your donation thing might be a little broken. I can’t seem to be able to donate more than $2.

    I can change the quantity, so that I can donate $2 as many times as I want for the desired amount, but I thought I should let you guys know, because isn’t each transaction charged a fee in cases like those?

  2. Kyonko

    Wow…. what a silly mistake. Yup, the form had duplicate attributes. It’s fixed now, thanks!

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