The crowdfunding of Suzumiya Haruhi

The crowdfunding of Suzumiya Haruhi

Oct 22

“¡Dame tus euros, tío!”

Anime Project, a young Spanish company created by anime fans in 2008, is trying to bring to their country, Spain, the first season of Suzumiya Haruhi on Blu-ray using an interesting model: crowdfunding. For as little as 5 Euros, you can get your own name listed on the credits of the final disc. There are different “prizes” you can get depending on how much you donate, but one of them is quite interesting: if you donate 1,000 Euros, you can even participate in the dubbing!! Well, only 3 places are allowed, and only doing a support character, but it’s an interesting way to attract fundings.

Source: Anime Project @ facebook


  1. Peter

    This is very interesting. I look forward to seeing if they are able to pull it off. If they do, I’m gonna throw this idea at UK companies, or even do it myself (with the help of a few people for discussing license costs with the Japanese companies)

  2. Kyonko

    I didn’t translate further details from their facebook page, but they talked previously about the cost of the project:

    License – 15,000 Euros
    Dubbing – 15.000 Euros
    Blu-Ray Production – 5,000 Euros (1 BD50 GB x 1000 boxes)
    DVD Production – 4,000 Euros (3 DVD9 x 1000 BOX)
    Other expenses – 11,000 Euros (Translation, commissions, shipping, etc.)
    Total: 50,000 Euros

    I’m also interested about this project. I’m not gonna buy their release, but I hope they succeed.

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